For Snappr customers, I am happy to complete additional retouching on a selection of sample images depending on needs. 
Generally, retouching will include (as needed) any of the following: standard brightness/contrast/saturation/colour adjustment; blemish removal; skin smoothening; brightening of the eyes; iris; hair; slight body shaping; removal of distracting objects in the frame; lens distortion control; colour and creative effects, and more.
Care is taken to make all images as natural as possible - unless something specific is required.   
If you are interested in further edits on your images, I charge £10.00 per image.​​​​​​​

I also am able to provide bespoke pigment based prints on a selection of different papers and sizes up to A2 (4x a normal A4 paper size). Printing is a nuanced process and depending on the paper chosen (matt vs semi-gloss), the print may look vastly different on each medium. If you are interested in prints, please let me know the image you would like printed and I will help you decide which paper may look best for the image in question. Usually higher saturated images may work best with a gloss based print, however, matt prints generally are a little easier to care for, and will generally look like gloss prints as soon as they are framed with glass. 
Pricing for prints are as follows:
- A4 £20.00
- A3 £30.00
-A2 £45.00
All prints will be hand delivered in the London area.

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