A little bit about me...
I am a London based international wedding, portrait and event photographer (although I do have an Aussie accent being from Sydney).
I've been photographing weddings since 2008 and I've tried to collate a snapshot of my work on this website. You could describe my style as punchy, eclectic and yet intimate. Although, I am quite able to adapt my style to emulate other photographic styles based on preferences. 
Personally, I love weddings and especially enjoy capturing the emotion of the moment. The bride and groom are focused on each other with the audience being focused on them. Everyone is dressed with their best and the location is always fabulous or at least a lot of fun.
The other reason I love wedding photography is that you have it all - in a wedding you have to be essentially part landscape photographer, part portrait photographer, part high fashion photographer, part photo-journalist and part commercial photographer (capturing all those important details). It's a great but fun challenge.
Otherwise, I do headshots and family portraits, events and on occasion product photography.
I do hope you enjoy my work. If after your review you think my services would suit your needs, please get in touch, I'd love to hear about your special day or how I might assist you.
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