Great to meet you today! 
Snappr will be in touch in about 3 days or so with all the edits for your review. If you were interested in having prints made of any of the photos I've edited above (or of the rest of the ones Snappr will give you) please just let me know which ones and I'll re-process and retouch them to make sure the print is of the best quality.
I have either matt or semi-gloss papers from A4 to A2 size (4x A4 pages - so quite large). Prices are as follows inc shipping (I'll probably hand deliver):
A4 - £15
A3 - £26
A2 - £34
Otherwise, if there were other photos that you would just prefer retouched to a higher level that I did not edit above, then I just charge a nominal £3.50 per photo.
Let me know if you have any questions!
All the best,
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