Scott Finneran
Hello and welcome! 
I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in London.
In 2008 I started exploring wedding photography and people photography. I love weddings and I love to capture the emotion of the moment. The Bride and Groom are focused on themselves and the audience is focused on them. Everyone is dressed with their best and the location is always either fabulous or a lot of fun - essential you need to be part landscape photographer, part portrait photographer, part high fashion photographer and part photo-journalist.
My style is a mix of fun set up photos and a majority of photo-journalist style. I don't like to direct too much when I can avoid it because if people are focusing on me, they are missing the moment that I prefer to capture - and that is when they are in their own world unaware of me snapping away!
I hope you enjoy my website, if you would like to see any more of my portfolio please send me a comment  in the 'contact me' tab I would love to hear from you.
If you wish to see more of my travel work however, please feel free to check out my travel portfolio